A new website at an old address

Welcome to my new WordPress website, I have high hopes for it… especially that it will be easier for me to design and to update!  ;  )

If you are looking for my comments on B.C. politics and world affairs, they are at http://thedailytwigg.blogspot.ca .

If you are looking for my writings and photos related to Campbell River, see www.crnv.com – which stands for Campbell River News and Views. It also contains links to the local TV shows I did for Shaw TV North Island in 2014 and 2015.

If you want to see the Talk About TV shows I have done this year (2016), they are posted on Shaw TV North Island’s YouTube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShawTVNorthIsland/videos .

If you wish to see the columns I wrote for and about the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, they are in the archives of the Campbell River Mirror.

If you wish to contact me, the best way is by email to john@johntwigg.com .

If you wish to be advised whenever an update is done, please send an email to john@johntwigg.com .